Integral Logistics

We have been providing integral logistic services for more than 15 years to companies in the fishing and agricultural sectors.

We have a Control and Monitoring Center operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to constantly monitor and guarantee the traceability and security of your cargo at all times.

Metrics to be included: 

  • Reefer 2022: 9,257
  • Reefer April 2023: 3,192

Freight Management

Our experience, network and knowledge of the shipping industry allow us to obtain competitive conditions for our customers.

We not only look for the best market rates but also for other conditions such as container use, energy, monitoring of refrigerated units, among others.

Metrics to be included:

  • Reefer 2022: 12,072
  • Reefer April 2023: 4,447

Metrics to include:

  • Reefer 2022: 11,254
    Reefer April 2023: 4,382

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